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Several folks have asked me how to go about joining, and when they do, here’s what I say about the path to membership in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock:
  • Joining a faith community is a big decision and we want you, before you decide to join, to make sure this church is right for you, so we encourage folks to take their time.
  • Once you know in your heart that you want to make our church your spiritual home, the first step is to sign our membership book.
  • We plan to have our membership book open at one worship service each month and we’ll let everyone know when that is - in the newsletter, by email and from the pulpit. Signing the book is the first step.
  • The next step on the pathway to membership is to be a part of a gathering, a class we call Exploring Unitarian Universalism, where you can meet others and learn more about our Unitarian Universalist faith and our church here in Little Rock.
  • And there’s one more thing. Because our congregation is entirely self-supported, and all of us here in this congregation engage in the spiritual practice of giving, the final step on the pathway to membership is to complete your gifting form letting us know your plans for yearly giving, so that we can plan for the life of our congregation.
  • So, the pathway to membership has three signposts: sign the book, come to a class, and, complete a gifting form and then you become an official member and we will welcome you into membership in a new member recognition ceremony as a part of one of our Sunday services and celebrate that you have made this church your spiritual home.

“So that’s it?” they ask, “Isn’t there more to it?”

And I say, “Those are the official requirements, but once you are a member, here is what we hope for you . . . ”

  • We hope to see you on Sundays, maybe not every single Sunday, but on most Sundays. We want you to show up!
  • We hope that here you will feed your spirit and your mind by taking a class, joining a group or singing in the choir or whatever you like.
  • We want you to be fed here.
  • We hope you will find a way to serve others here, maybe helping out with a meal at Our House or one of the many ways we take our values out into the world.
  • We want you to serve.
  • And we hope that you will become a part of our circle of care. In this church, you will be cared for. In hard times, you will be surrounded by a community of caring souls. Here in this church, care comes not just from the minister, but from everyone. And so you also will be expected to give of your heart and from your helping hands to care for others.
  • We want you to be cared for and to care.

We’re glad so many of you have asked about membership and we look forward to celebrating with you when you make this church your spiritual home.

Rev. Jan Nielsen

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