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January 2017

At the January meeting of the board the following two motions were approved:

  • Ÿ A plaque will be installed in memory of Chris Kupper and Dave Rickard on the new
    playground when completed.
  • Ÿ UUCLR covenants with Arkansas UU Justice Ministry. Dues may come from the
    Endowment Reserve until they can be added to the new budget for next fiscal year
  • The board expressed its sincere gratitude to Sue McDonald for her many years of dedicated service and wishes her well in retirement. Karen Walls was congratulated for hitting the ground running as the new administrator, making the transition seamless.
  • Bill Kimpel's heroic efforts attending to the many recent physical needs of our buildings
    and grounds was applauded.
  • The success of IllUUmination, which owed much to Rebecca and Michael Roetzel's hard work, was celebrated.
  • Rachel Finley, DRE, and Maria Austin were commended for their efforts involving alternative
    activities during worship services for young children.

Respectfully submitted, Roy Mellor
Board Member at Large