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UUCLR Weekly E-mail

Receive the weekly e-mail announcements, milestones, and general church information - open to all:

Google Groups

If you have never used Google’s services, go HERE and complete the "Create an Account" form. Once that is done, you can select open email groups below to access the group by signing in. Then you can request to join the group.

If you receive an invitation to join a group, you will need to open your e-mail and click on the verification link in your e-mail. THIS IS REQUIRED! If not, your subscription will not be completed.

NOTE: For the Church Directory, you will still need to send your information to the Membership Committee or go to ChurchDB and sign in to make changes, as these are two separate functions.

General Groups (open to all)

  • RE-Questors - Re-Questors is a group that discusses a wide variety of topics. These topics are sometimes informed by a book, but you need not buy or read the book to participate. Meets on Sundays - this group is not managed by the church
  • Facilities Group - open to anyone who would like to participate in building and grounds maintenance and beautification

Special Interest Groups (by invitation or request)

  • UUCLR Board - Current Board members - by invitation only
  • UUCLR Choir - Choir Members - by invitation only
  • UUCLR Program Council - Current Members - by invitation only
  • UUCLR JRYRUU - This is a moderated group that will allow the JrYRUU group to plan events and foster commUUnity - by invitation only
  • UUCLR OWL- open to parents of children enrolled in the "current" UUCLR-RE Elementary OWL class - by invitation only
  • UUCLR CAYRE - Parents and RE personnel only - can request to join - a place for discussions and community building among the DRE(s), parents, Sunday School teachers, and other volunteers with the RE Program
  • UUCLR YRUU- This is a moderated group that will allow the YRUU group to plan events and foster commUUnity - by invitation only
  • UUCLR Memorial Services Group - members offer support for Memorial Services when they occur in the church

Unsubscribing from a Google Group

If you’d like to remove yourself from a Google Group, do any one of the following steps:

  • Reply to an email from the group with REMOVE ME as the subject of your message.
  • Send an email to groupname+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. For example, if you want to leave the group myfriends@googlegroups.com, you could remove yourself by sending a blank email to myfriends+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. The unsubscribe e-mail address is always at the bottom of any distributed Google Group e-mails.
  • Go to the Group’s homepage and remove yourself as a member. (Please note that you’ll need a Google Account to unsubscribe yourself from this group through this method.)