About Us

Our Church

Unitarian Universalism





2017-2018 Board of Directors

President Mindy Morrell


Dan Danielson

Past President

Cas Rifkin


Nell Matthews


Margaret McLellan

Disbursing Officer

Dan Chambers

At-Large Board Members

Roy Mellor (2018)
Katie Roberts (2018)
Phil Peters (2019)
One Open Position

Committee Roles

Committee on Ministry

Valerie McNee (2018)
Joe Meehan (2018)
Tim Carlock (2019)
Rich Roy (Minister Appointment)
John Hill (Minister Appointment)
Teresa Knight (DRE Appointment)

Strategic Planning Committee

Devin Keith (2018)
Bill Goolsby (2019) (Chair)
Kate Dockter (2020)
James Scribner (2021)
Judy Rickard (2022)

Nominating and Leadership Committee

Dawn Harris (2018)
Kater Reynolds (2018)
Rebecca Roetzel (2019)
Kay Danielson (2019) (Chair)
John McNee (2019)

Memorial Woodlands Committee

John Hill (2018)
Mike Finley (2019)
Jerry Blackburn (2020) 
Jan Bowen (2021)
Margaret McLellan (2022)

Endowment Committee

Andy Kessel (2018)
Mary Lowe Kennedy (2019)
Fred Roberson (2020)
Patrice O’Donoghue (2021)
Tom Rimmer (2022)

Fellowship Vacant
Facilities Bill Kimpel
Membership Debbie Goolsby
Worship Arts Liz Mackenzie
Life Span Development Joe Meehan
Communications Karen Walls

Contact the church office if you need to reach one of our team members