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We are a Welcoming Congregation

Among the Unitarian Universalist Association, the meaning of a "Welcoming Congregation" is very specific. It means a congregation has successfully completed an extensive, intentional and voluntary process to become more inclusive toward lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender people. It also means recognition of the need for such an educational process, and such an inclusive sanctuary. UUCLR followed the UUA's program of study over more than a year, with participation from many members. It concluded with an affirmative congregational vote and UUCLR gained UUA recognition as a Welcoming Congregation.

Official recognition as a Welcoming Congregation allows us to open our church as safe space for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender persons; to take positions on oppression in our larger communities; and to accomplish outreach. Only when we are truly open to the wealth of diversity in our world will the inherent worth and dignity of every person be affirmed, in accordance with our first Principle.

Interweave - Unitarians for LGBT Concerns

Our church has had an active Interweave group in the past, but is on hiatus at this time.