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Socks Socks Socks

A little gift can represent a big hug. Warm socks for someone that can't afford them must feel like a hug every time they put them on. Socks are being collected for our homeless or near homeless neighbors. Socks for babies and children are especially needed, although we are still collecting for adults as well. There is a drop-off box in the church foyer.

This year the Christmas Caravan is December 17 so mark it on the calendar to come and see the faces that feel the “hug”.

Want to Learn CPR?

There is the possibility of having a MEMS CPR training session at UUCLR. We would need to have at least 15 people interested in taking the training. MEMS offers this 4-hour training free to participants and child care will be offered by the church.

Trainees would learn to recognize when CPR can be a life saving measure and how to perform it. MEMS has found that survival rates are far better when people on site can start CPR immediately. This does not require mouth-to-mouth contact, just rapid compression of the heart.

If you would like to participate, email the office at uuclr@uuclr.org and give your name and contact information. If we meet the minimum, we will be in touch with everyone once the class has been scheduled.

Vegetarian Potlucks

Veggie polucks are on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Please think BIG as you prepare your dish to share. This is a chance to explore vegetarian cooking, reduce our carbon footprint, and learn some new dishes. It is also a chance to grow our generosity!

We like to be able to invite all guests and members to break bread with us at our monthly potluck. We know that many guests or visitors will not be aware that we are hosting a potluck on that day and that some of our dearest friends will also forget to bring something. So, to show our hospitality, consider bringing a dish that will serve at least twice or even thrice what you might ordinarily contribute to a potluck. Remember how good it feels to be fed and how good it feels to feed others.

NOTE: December 2nd Sunday will be a regular potluck, not restricted to vegetarian dishes.

How to Donate to RE

Would you like to know how to support our Religious Education (RE) program that doesn't cost you a cent? It's easy, sign up for a Kroger card and whenever you shop there, use it. It gives us a rebate each time you shop. It's not a credit card, just a store card. It won't affect your earnings for lower priced gas either. Our last fiscal year brought in $767.

You can sign up on line at Kroger.com and then once registered, click on your name on the top right side, go to Account Information and choose Community Rewards. Edit and search for Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock, our organization number is 80317. Thank you for taking the time to make our RE even better!

Special Film Series for Forum

Forum has begun its viewing of a 6-part history of Unitarian Universalism brought to us from the UUA on DVD. We are anticipating viewing one DVD monthly until we get through the set. From the DVD box, LONG STRANGE TRIP is "a six-part series detailing the history of Unitarian and Universalist thought from the beginning of the Christian era to what we know today as Unitarian Universalism. Each film is approximately one hour in length. Part I examines the roots of liberal religious thought prior to the Reformation, including heretics such as Jan Hus. It concludes with the life of Michael Servetus."

Since each DVD runs an hour, on the Sundays of film viewing, we will convene at 9:45 rather than 10:00, so as not to interfere with the worship service at 11:00.

PEP TALK – From Your Facilities Team

Our grounds and building are maintained by four (4) primary volunteers plus additional support, when requested, from others.   We do have an HVAC provider for our Heating and Air Conditioning systems and our special Cleaning Service provider.  My point is – your volunteers keep your facility going; however, we always can use additional support.  Here is the PEP TALK…

During, especially, the fall season, when our beautiful trees lose their leaves, extra help can keep the grounds clear of the excess leaves, branches, etc. that can and do accumulate.  We need folks to check their calendars and commit/set-aside time on a Thursday (if able) or Saturday morning and join us for a couple of hours! (@ 9-10:30 a.m.)  That’s all it takes when two or more are sharing the load.  We have the equipment and supplies; all you need to do is find that time you can share for your church and then commit to join us for these Leaf Fests!

We also continue to have special WORK DAYS, often on the First Saturday of the month, and we always encourage you to come out and help.  Team Liaison, Bill Kimpel provides advance notice [in the Weekly Newsletter and Outer Circle] of anticipated work Outside and Inside the church for these WORK DAYS; and keeps us informed of any SPECIAL PROJECTS.  In addition to meeting facility needs, these times provide a great opportunity for fellowship with other members and friends of UUCLR. … so, COME ON DOWN!

Women's Creative Writing Project

The UU Women's Activity Group is starting a creative writing project.All women are invited to join this group of writers from all backgrounds and all levels of training and experience.Each of us will write on a regular basis and willonce a month to share and critique each other’s work. This is an opportunity topoetry, fiction, non- fiction, inspirational, memoir or other types of writing; to better understand ourselves and others; to share with family members and the world; and to leave a legacy for generations to come.

We will meet monthly on Saturday mornings from 1:00pm to noon at UUCLR. Sorry, women only at least for this round of writing! Please come and BYOW (bring your own writing)!

New Kiddie Playground

The Facilities Team is in the process of planning site prep and assembly of a new little kid play area outside the of Thomson Hall by the arbor. The playground equipment is on hand and stored on site, ready to assemble. This will require a retaining wall, fill dirt and leveling of the area prior to installation of the play equipment. Some type of playground surface is in the planning to prevent injuries from possible falls. The area will also be gated for the safety of the children.

This project is awaiting funding

Open Invitation to Join the Choir

The UUCLR Choir will begin rehearsing September 7, the first Wednesday, and will sing at church the following Sunday, September 10, for Water Communion.Please come and be a part of this vibrant community of the church.Whether you are in your 20s, or your 70s, new to the church or have been around for years, if you are an experienced singer or have never sung in a choir before, there is a place for you in the choir.

We meet Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm (child care is provided), and sing in church two times a month from September through July.If you are interested call John Perez at 501-580-3794 or email jwperez1@yahoo.com. See you at rehearsal!

Sponsored by Faith in Action

Blood Drive - December 11

The Red Cross is coming to UUCLR on Sunday, December 11, for a blood drive. If you plan on donating during the blood drive please plan your donation schedule so that you are eligible.

We need to get 25 donors to maximize the impact of the time spent by Red Cross staff at our
donation event. There is currently an ongoing, nationwide blood donation shortage.

If you would like to donate, volunteer in any capacity, or have any questions please contact Kate Dockter at ksdockter@gmail.com

New Church Doors

Donations are now being accepted to purchase ADA compliant hardware for our new doors so they will open electronically. You may write “Doors” or “ADA Hardware” on the subject line of your check, put it into the collection plate, or leave it in the office. If you are using cash, you may use an envelope with your name on it, so that you can get credit for your tax deduction.

We are very excited to announce that the doors are in production! Please make your donation soon to make these new doors the best!

Thank you, Door Committee

Game Nights are are Taking a Break Until 2017

Sponsored by UUCLR Interweave (LGBTQ and Friends)

UUCLR Girl Scouts Need Support

We are looking for assistant troop leaders and volunteers. We meet every other Wednesday at
6:00-7:00 at UUCLR. We break for winter and summer holidays, so meetings are only during the
school year. Fun and educational! Please help support our wonderful young women. Please contact Warigia Bowman at 505-690-4033 or Warigia@gmail.com.

Kroger Cards - Renew Yours!

Time to re-enroll!  Kroger Grocery offers a Community Partnership Program that pays UUCLR a small percent of your sales.  If you shop there, please sign up.  

It’s simple: you must re-enroll every year and you must use your KrogerPlus card when you shop.  The money goes to our Religious Education program and raised almost $500 in six months.  Every little bit helps even if you don’t shop there often.  

Please enroll/re-enroll and choose Unitarian Universalist Church of L.R. #80317 as your organization.  Go to: