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The Facilities Team Needs Volunteers

UUCLR grounds maintenance includes lawn mowing, edging, string trimmer cutting around the property, shrub and tree trimming, planting beds maintenance, and the woodland area behind the church. If you have a desire to make things look good and don't mind (or enjoy) a little sweat and dust, we could sure use your help.

We have self-propelled mowers, a riding lawn tractor, string trimmers, saws, a mulcher/shredder, garden tools, and we can do a lot now that wasn't possible just two years ago. But we need your effort! If you're looking for a way to help the Church, these activities save thousands of dollars a year for UUCLR by us doing them ourselves. Schedules are flexible, but for the summer growing season, we typically work
Thursdays or Saturdays.

Contact our team email at: facilities@uuclr.org or call Bill Kimpel at (501)786-1331.

Game Nights are Back!

Sponsored by UUCLR Interweave (LGBTQ and Friends)
Bring a favorite board game, card game, etc., or just come and play along. Also, bring your drink of choice and snacks to share. The next game night is July 23 at 6:30 pm. Watch the weekly emails for more dates in the future.

Please feel free to bring a friend that you would like to introduce to UUCLR, in a different and fun way! Interweave will host the game PICTIONARY, set up tables for playing, and be responsible for cleanup. If you would like to volunteer to help, please email uuclr@uuclr.org.

UUCLR Girl Scouts Need Support

We are looking for assistant troop leaders and volunteers. We meet every other Wednesday at
6:00-7:00 at UUCLR. We break for winter and summer holidays, so meetings are only during the
school year. Fun and educational! Please help support our wonderful young women. Please contact Warigia Bowman at 505-690-4033 or Warigia@gmail.com.

Meditation Room

The Emerson Room in the religious education building (first door on the left) is now available as a meditation room on Sundays during the 11:00 to 12:00 hour. This idea for a meditation space was discussed during a recent meeting of the Transitions Task Force and the Strategic Planning Committee.
Rachel Finley, Director of Religious Education

Call for Recycle Team Volunteers

The Recycle Team is in need of one or two new volunteers. Our small team takes turns hauling home the recyclables accumulated at the church. We rotate on a monthly basis, and include the material in our recycle bin at home.

There are currently three people rotating this job, so, with one or two additions, each person would need to do this job only about three times a year. We also write a quarterly article about recycling for the Outer Circle. With four people rotating that duty, each person writes one article per year. Anybody interested in participating in this volunteer opportunity can talk to Jan Bowen at church, by phone at 803-0089, or by email at jabowen38@sbcglobal.net. Thanks in advance.

Kroger Cards - Renew Yours!

Time to re-enroll!  Kroger Grocery offers a Community Partnership Program that pays UUCLR a small percent of your sales.  If you shop there, please sign up.  

It’s simple: you must re-enroll every year and you must use your KrogerPlus card when you shop.  The money goes to our Religious Education program and raised almost $500 in six months.  Every little bit helps even if you don’t shop there often.  

Please enroll/re-enroll and choose Unitarian Universalist Church of L.R. #80317 as your organization.  Go to:

The Girl Scouts are Back!

Welcome to Troop #6018!  

The first Girl Scout meeting of the year was September 2, 2015. In general, we will meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month. 

We will have three levels this year. Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. The Daisies will work with the Brownies, because we only have one Daisy.  Warigia will lead the Juniors, and Shireen and Jade will lead the Daisies and the Brownies. 

We will do the first 15 minutes of class all together, and then break into age related groups. My goal is to do at least 4 badges this fall, and then cookies in the spring, for a total of between 7-8 badges over the school year. We would appreciate any help or support from any parents who have the time. We meet twice a month for an hour at a time. Your presence is helpful and appreciated. 

There will be additional meetings on weekends on needed to help us finish badges, but they will be announced separately. Please let me know if you have any questions. Anyone who wishes to join us, please contact me at warigia@gmail.com.

Yours, Rigia Bowman

2016 Flowers for the Sanctuary

Flowers always add a special touch to our Sunday services, and the new year gives us an opportunity to be a part of this ministry. A calendar is now up in Thomson Hall for the entire year of 2015. If you have a special loved one or event that you would like to commemorate by placing flowers in the sanctuary on a Sunday, please stop by and write your name and phone number in the appropriate Sunday opening. Even if you do not have a specific person or event to honor, please consider sharing your flowers or others with us. I will call you the week of your Sunday to remind you. Thanks to everyone who participates in this.

Caring Committee Phone Connection

The Caring Committee is looking for UUs who live alone and would like to participate in a daily phone call check-in. As a member of the UU Phone Connection you would make a daily phone call to someone and receive a phone call from someone else.time involved should be no more than five minutes per call.

For more information or to join the UU Phone Connection, please contact Dawn Harris at 501-231-9891 or Valerie Pearsall at 501-221-2914.

Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society was designed to honor members who have provided generous support by their active presence, their leadership and commitment to the goals of UUCLR. Please join your Board of Directors as we honor John with this induction into the Cornerstone Society.

Nomination Procedure

The Cornerstone Society was designed to honor members who have provided generous support by their active presence, their leadership and their commitment to the goals of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock.

Any UUCLR member may nominate another member to the Cornerstone Society of UUCLR. Letters of nomination should briefly describe how the nominee has supported and helped shape the Church. A brief biographical sketch should also be included. Nominations may be submitted to the President of the Church at any time. She or he will review the qualifications of the nominee with the Executive Committee who will submit all suitable candidates to the Board of Directors for final approval.

To be eligible for nomination, the member must be at least 70 years of age and must have been a member of the Church for at least 20 years. Deceased persons who were members of UUCLR and who meet the above criteria may be nominated posthumously.

Each person in the Cornerstone Society will have his or her portrait displayed at UUCLR and a biography included in a special Cornerstone Society album. Honorees will be recognized at Sunday Service.

This proposal is modeled on a program used by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton, FL, and was introduced to UUCLR in 2007 by Dave Rickard.

Writers and Photographers Needed

The Communications Team is looking for some assistance with writing articles and taking photographs at Church events. If anyone interested in helping out, please contact Rhonda Reid at ladyrlr@gmail.com.

First Saturday Clean Up Days - First Saturdays at 9:00am Rain or Shine!

The Facilities Team has decided that every first Saturday is a clean-up and touch-up day for UUCLR.If the weather is too bad to work outside, we will move inside to tackle a host of projects: replacement of burned out fluorescent tubes, replacement of ballasts, numerous minor repairs to door stops and panic bars, cleaning of the kitchen, and minor painting jobs.

All tools, supplies, and gear will be provided with copious instructions. You only need supply a willing body.Here is an opportunity for everyone to make an important contribution that is not tied to your
income.Many of these jobs cannot reasonably be done by one person, such as running up and down a ladder with light bulbs in hand. There are lots of jobs that have practically no age limit for helping. If you are willing to help, please contact Nell and pick a job: uuclrnell@gmail.com.

Chalice Lighters

Our new UUCLR vision statement is "We are here to build the beloved community." It's a big beautiful vision, but how do we make it happen? One simple way is to become a Chalice Lighter.

Three times a year, the Chalice Lighter program provides a grant to a member congregation of the Southwest Unitarian Universalist Conference. These grants aid strong, growing congregations, churches that are vibrant and healthy, who have innovative plans for growth. It's funded by people like you: Unitarian Universalists who pledge a gift of ten dollars or more to each grant.

How does this build the beloved community? Beloved community is not created only among ourselves or for ourselves. That is only its beginning. Beloved community reaches out beyond itself, with love and generosity and an open heart. Beloved community cares for others as it cares for its own, and is a steward for other congregations as it is a steward for UUCLR. Beloved community supports our conviction of the inherent worth and dignity of every person and fuels our desire for world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.

To this end, Unitarian Universalists throughout the Southwest District join together to support congregations that also reach outward, who seek growth not for its own sake, but for the sake of people they don't yet know, people who need our powerful, humane, loving religion, people whose lives can be made better by the things we are uniquely able to give them.

Just as those congregations reach out beyond themselves, Chalice Lighters reach out beyond their own congregations to those other congregations, to help build sanctuaries into which they may never step but in whose anticipated beauty they still take pleasure, to help teach children who they may never meet but whose magnificent futures they still cherish, to help serve communities in which they may never take a breath but whose living hearts they feel.

This is our work: To build the beloved community, one piece at a time.

To join in the work of the Chalice Lighters, speak to John Adams (jauu@earthlink.net)

Drivers Needed

We are always looking for drivers to transport some of our members and friends to church services on Sunday and other church activities as needed. Please call the church office at 225-1503 or email uuclr@uuclr.org if you can put your name on a list of possible drivers. Thanks so much.