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School Backpack Food Drive

The Students of Stephens Elementary Need Your Help

Recently the Faith in Action Committee here at UUCLR was alerted to a crisis at Stephens Elementary, a public school located only a few minutes from our church. As many as 15% of the student population has limited access to food outside of the breakfast and lunch they are provided during school. We are partnering with River City UU in order to feed more children than either congregation could on its own.

Here Is How You Can Do Your Part - Sign Up!

It’s easy for you to help in making this endeavor a success. Here we have outlined three ways for you to help depending on the time and resources you have to give.

  • Donate money (write checks to UUCLR and note "School Backpack Fund")
  • Donate food items from the menu provided below. We intend to feed 30 children per week, so large quantities are appreciated (bring by the church)
  • Donate time - sorting, packing, shopping, delivering
  • Join the Backpack Food Drive Team by filling out the Volunteer Form

Food Items that We Need

Each weekend a bag is sent home with 2 items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus 4 snack items:

Oatmeal packets
Cereal boxes/cups
Cereal bars
Shelf-stable milk/soymilk
Ramen noodle packs
Chef Boyardee cups
Tuna/chicken salad packs
Chili cups
Beef Stew cups
Granola bars
Fruit cups (in water)
Raisins or dried cranberries
Crackers packs
Peanut packs
Goldfish packs

Sign Up to Volunteer Here (link)

School Backpack Contacts
Kate Dockter
UUCLR Faith in Action

Monica Clark-Robinson
River City UU

Kaiden O’Suilleabhain
Team Member