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Recycling SymbolRecycling Resources

  • Composting in your backyard is easy and beneficial and the UA Cooperative Extension Service has some great resources on how to get started
  • Bring your batteries to church on first Sundays or take them to Radio Shack for recycling; take power tool batteries to Home Depot
  • Now recycle your compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, electronic equipment, rechargeable batteries at and aluminum cans at the church on First Sundays
    • Electronic equipment accepted: computers, copiers, DVD players, paper shredders, printers, TVs, VCRs, phones, stereos, radios, fax machines, microwave ovens
  • Remember to take in your reusable bags when you shop
  • Goodwill stores accept all electronic equipment for recycling
  • To close the loop on recycling and to ensure there will be markets for all that we want to recycle, make sure to choose products with recycled content

City Recycling Program

Currently the City of Little Rock household recycling program takes most plastic bottles as well as glass, paper, and cardboard. The rule of thumb is the neck of the plastic container should be smaller than the base. Whole Foods has a recycling bin for #5 plastic. These are generally tub-like containers used for yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. That bin is on the plaza in front of the store on the right hand side as you face the store. The UUCLR Terracycle program also takes the plastic tubs (see article above).

The City recycling program has expanded the range of plastic materials accepted, including most plastic containers of whatever type. A wheeled, lidded container (about 2/3 the size of the garbage containers) is provided. Curbside pick up is once every two weeks. Glass, more paper and cardboard products, and some metallic items will be accepted. We are lucky to have this City program as many areas have no recycling pickups available.

Most of us are probably aware of the yard waste pick-up in Little Rock but may not think of the recycling aspects. This organic material is converted into mulch and compost and is made available to the public at less cost than is charged for those kinds of things by the various retail outlets around town. The mulch and compost can be obtained in any quantity at the city facility at 10801 Ironton Cut-Off, and large amounts (truckloads) can be delivered. Be sure to call ahead to (501)888-5806 to find out the exact procedures for the amount you want.

The UUCLR Recycling Committee encourages you to participate in all the recycling programs in Central Arkansas as well as our church program for electronics, batteries and ink cartridges on the first Sunday each month.