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Childcare is provided for children under 5 in the nursery from 9:45-12:15 on Sunday morning

Children and Youth (CAYRE)

We offer a place where children can make friends of all ages for life, where they learn to care about others and themselves, and where they may grow spiritually and emotionally. Our church is a busy and fun place full of music, art, stories and dance. And our doors are open to all newcomers.

We offer a liberal religious exploration experience drawn from our Unitarian Universalist living tradition, which affirms the great spiritual truths of all religions. We seek to assist each child in nurturing a spiritual life, ethical awareness, Unitarian Universalist identity, and faith development based on the Seven Principles, using curricula that best fit these objectives in age-appropriate groupings.

Children in Our Church Community

Children gain a great deal by worshiping with their church community. The ritual, liturgy, music, special time with the minister...all become a part of who they are, and the children grow up knowing they have a place in our church and that they are valued as full participants in this faith. 

Our nursery is open and staffed during both Religious Education Hour (10:00am) and Worship (11:00am) for babies through age 4. Of course, babies, toddlers, children of all ages are welcome in worship. Babies and toddlers often are mesmerized by the sights and sounds, and enjoy staying close to their family. If at any time your baby becomes restless and you are concerned about disturbing others, feel free to move around in the back of the Sanctuary, transition to the Chapel (where you may listen to the service), or you may sign them into the Nursery. 

Our worship services here at UUCLR include a special Time All Together, when our minister engages specifically with our children. Children ages 5 and up are encouraged to remain in worship with their families after our special Time All Together. We provide quiet activities to keep hands of all ages busy. Be sure and stop by the Worship Activity Basket on your way into the Sanctuary to pick up coloring sheets, chenille stems, or a lacing/stitching project. You may also wish to bring your own handiwork.

Our church also seeks to better support families with special needs. Please know that we welcome your whole family, just as you are.  However, if you are concerned about having your child in worship with you, we offer an alternative activity time following our Time All Together.

*Parents must notify our Director of Religious Education, Rachel Finley, each week that their child will be attending so that adequate staffing can be arranged.

ALL children and youth participating in UUCLR programs MUST be registered:

Children and Youth Religious Education Registration