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CAYRE is a Ministry

We are a cooperative program. Only as a result of the wide variety of volunteer services provided by parents and other members of our congregation are we able to provide quality religious education for our children. Rewarding opportunities for you to contribute to our programs and activities abound and your contribution is vital to our success. We rely on volunteers to bring their time and talents to our programs and activities. We suggest that families use a minimum of ten hours per semester as a standard for their contribution. Let us know where your talents and interests lie and come and join the fun. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Volunteer Opportunities in Children and Youth RE (CAYRE)

Some of the Volunteer Opportunities in Children and Youth RE (CaYRE) include: 

  • Teach toddlers, early elementary, or upper elementary
  • Teach and facilitate youth/YRUU
  • Halloween Party in (October)
  • Winter Holiday Party (December)
  • Easter Hunt (Easter Sunday)
  • Serve on the CAYRE Ministry Team (work with DRE to implement programming, meet monthly/as needed to plan)
  • Serve as the CAYRE liaison to the Program Council (advocates for the RE program, helps coordinate various aspects of the RE program, meets 2nd Tuesday each month)
  • Maintain the children’s worship activity basket 

Being a CAYRE volunteer is a ministry; teaching is a spiritual practice. Working with children as they develop spiritually is both challenging and exhilarating.  If you would like to volunteer, contact the Director of Religious Education.