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Community Conversations

The Transitions Task Force invites you to an afternoon of Community Conversations on Sunday, May 15, immediately following the Youth Fundraiser Lunch.

For the past few months the Transitions Task Force has been discussing possible scenarios for handling the anticipated future growth of UUCLR, and we want to bring you into the conversation to hear your questions, concerns and suggestions about the present situation and the future possibilities.

We’ve been worshiping in Thomson for several months and by now you’re probably wondering what’s coming next. Questions are being asked: Are we moving? Why can’t we go back to worshiping in the old sanctuary? What about expanding our present facilities? Is worshiping in Thomson a forever thing? Is the growth in membership really there? Questions need to be asked, concerns need to be voiced, and suggestions need to be heard.

On May 15, we’ll gather in Thomson, then break up into smaller groups, each with a facilitator and a scribe, and then we’ll come back together in Thomson to hear what each group talked about. No decision will be made this day. This is a time for talking, listening and considering what we want for the future of UUCLR as we work towards finding a solution. Feedback from these discussions will help the Task Force determine what the next step should be.

As a congregation, whatever future choice we make will work only if the majority of us are on board with the decision, so please join us and participate in the community conversations on May 15.

Your Transitions Task Force: Jerry Blackburn, Patrice O’Donoghue, Caitlin Wade, John Hill and Nancy Kimpel, Chair

The Executive Committee: John McNee, Cas Rifkin, Kater Reynolds and Rev. Jan Nielson

Let Us Gather at the River..... http://www.uuclrbuffaloriver.org

Join UUCLR at the Buffalo Point Campground May 27-30, 2016


Cost is $8 per adult >18 years per night.  All fees are appreciated by May 1, but you may show up at the last minute to camp.  Just be prepared to pay when you come.

Saturday Potluck

Saturday night Pavilion fee is $4 per nuclear family (two adults, any number of related children or one adult, one child).  Non-family guests who are over 16 years of age are assessed $2.

Pavilion fee payable by May 1. Failure to pay by May 1 will get you a talking to.  Get the money in promptly so that the person with the clipboard doesn’t have to produce change and waste valuable recreational time shaking you down.

Potluck begins around 5 pm, and the time will be confirmed on Saturday morning.  Bring a dish to share, drinks, place settings, and trash bag. Every person is expected to clean up after him or herself. Pack in, pack out. 

Canoe ($43, 2 people) or Kayak ($43, 1 person)

Water level and safety permitting, we float Saturday as a group (approx. 5 hrs). Sunday we travel together to the starting point (Maumee) and float individually back to the parked cars (approx. 4 hrs).  Mr. Dirst usually provides a discount if we have a large group going (> 12 canoes) His usual cost is about $50.  Boat, paddles, trash bag, and life jackets are required and provided.  See the UUCLR Buffalo Trip website for a thorough list of what to bring (e.g., water, hat, sunblock, etc.). If you have your own boat, you will pay a shuttle fee ($25). 

Saturday group floaters must attend the safety meeting at 9 AM at the Pavilion.  Failure to attend results in refund of canoe rental, and you are on your own. We take safety seriously because we have so many kids and inexperienced paddlers on Saturday.

In the advent of terrible weather, we may cancel the float trips. There are hiking trails galore as well as plenty of eating, talking, and communing opportunities such as the Saturday night campfire.

And visit http://www.uuclrbuffaloriver.org
for the reservation form, maps and other information.


10:00 a.m.

Thomson Hall

Forum Discussions
Every Sunday we have regular 'Forum' discussions with a variety of topic and speakers. All are welcome! See the Forum Schedule

10:00 a.m.

Pehrson Room
Re-Questors is a group that discusses a wide variety of topics. These topics are sometimes informed by a book, but you need not buy or read the book to participate. See the Calendar or the current Outer Circle for the schedule and topic.
Covenant Groups UUCLR offers a Covenant Group program to provide the opportunity to develop friendships, a deeper sense of community, and the opportunity to explore spiritual meaning with others in a small group setting outside of Sunday service. Covenant Groups are open to all members and friends of UUCLR. More Information HERE
Women's Group The Wild Women's Group meets on a regular basis for fun and fellowship. See the Calendar or the current Outer Circle for the schedule.

Book Clubs

First Mondays
7:00 p.m.
Between the Lines Book Club
The book club meets first Monday of each month in Pehrson at
7:00 pm. See the current Outer Circle for the book selection.

More info? Contact Allan Ward, 501-664-5921 or alward@ualr.edu.
Pehrson Room

Lunch Groups

Second Tuesdays
11:30 a.m.
Young at Heart Luncheon
Join the 'Young at Heart' for lunch and a presentation on 2nd Tuesdays at the church.
Please join your friends at 11:30 a.m. for good food and an interesting discussion or presentation. The program will begin after lunch ($5) around 12:15 and our all-important visiting. As usual, you are welcome to bring friends and guests. We'd love to meet newcomers. Check the Calendar or Outer Circle to verify the date.