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From Rev. Jan Nielsen....

Dear Friends,
I am still feeling the great energy of our first Sunday together. We began our shared journey of ministry on a day filled with good times. I was happy to see so many faces I remembered from the spring and also to see several new faces — some folks here after a time away and others here for the very first time. I was both surprised and delighted by the gorgeous arrangement of purple and white flowers, all the shades of purple worn by folks in the choir and in the congregation and also the fun rendition of Ferlin Husky’s “I Hear Little Rock Calling” from Issac Thomson and Kathy Barbeire-Bruton.

I do love purple, and I did hear Little Rock calling all those months ago and, now more than ever, I am so glad that when y’all called, I said “yes.” Thank you all for the warm welcome. I have given all of you my heart and you have my love. In my sermon, “The Travel of Our Days,” I offered a few things for us to remember as we journey together — things to keep in mind on any journey:

Keep an open mind and an open heart.
Be open to the journey, even when things feel unsettled.
We are all in this together.
Allow yourself and those around you on the journey to be fully human and therefore imperfect.
Expect turns in the road.
Walk always with great love.

You can find more in the sermon which you can read or hear on our website. On the road ahead, our worship on Sunday mornings will invite us to explore questions about what it means to be human: What does it mean to be at home on this earth? How can we learn to love? What does it take to forgive another and to seek forgiveness from someone we may have wronged? How might we learn “to dwell together in peace”? Where can we find the strength to live with the anxiety that pervades our contemporary culture? What does it mean to pay attention to our world and to our souls?

Whether you’ve been a part of our community here for decades or only days and wherever your journey has led you up to now, I invite you to join us for our gathering on September 13, a day of homecoming here at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock, so mark your calendars and join us for “Homecoming Sunday,” a day to celebrate both the life of this great community of souls and life itself.

I’ll see you in church. Blessings, Rev. Jan Nielsen

Board President’s Message

The July/August president’s note began by observing, "There is an energy and positive expectation among this congregation..."

Reverend Jan Nielsen's first sermon was delivered to a packed house and the prospect of walking forward in our faith journey's with her invigorated the sanctuary. Sunday services are going to be fun. It is exciting that we were visited by a number of young families who stayed for coffee and were interested in what we are doing at UUCLR.

There is news on the subject of young families:

  1. The grounds committee (capably led by Miranda Keith) has proposed a small playground in front of the church to provide a toddler-safe play area visible from Thomson Hall. When completed, it will be a billboard announcing to all that we value young families. It will also allow young families to stay for coffee hour after church.
  2. We have a Girl Scout troop meeting on the first and third Wednesdays at the church. This is our first troop in a number of years and is a wonderful and powerful statement about our commitment to youth and families. Who knows, a Boy Scout troop might be next. Please thank Warigia Bowman and Jade Elledge for starting this chapter.

The Dwight Brown Leadership Experience (DBLE) calls its graduates Elders because of the leadership skills and commitment to the future of Unitarian Universalism they teach and inspire. Please congratulate our four new Elders; Tim Carlock, Bill Goolsby, Debbie Goolsby, and Margaret McLellan. They have completed this experience and we will all benefit from their hard work. The last president's note closed with the following "As we work together and grow through this year, we will need more members volunteering their time and talent. Please write, call, email and self-identify as a volunteer for projects large and small." This statement is still true. Peace.

John McNee, Board President

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