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Second Sunday:




Sundays in April

Theme: Creation: The Process and the Thing

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11:00 am
Easter Sunday

Rev. Jennie Barrington
In keeping with our theme of “Creation,” this service will explore art that has represented Christianity throughout world history. In the first millennium, Christian art was markedly different than what we have become accustomed to. That difference is explored in the scholarly book, “Saving Paradise,” by Rita Brock and the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker (past president of the UU seminary, the Starr King School for Ministry), which will inform this Easter Sermon.


9:30 am
Drumming Circle
11:00 am

Syria - A Cry for Help, A Call for Peace
Guests Hamsa and Moshe Newmark of Fayetteville
They have a long history of peace activism and have worked closely in the past with UUCLR members Chris Kupper and Marcia Zamora to bring clean water and
social justice to Nicaragua. They have now focused
renewed energy on helping the children of war torn Syria through their non-profit organization Bridge of Peace Syria.


11:00 am
The Life and Legacies of Beatrix Potter
Rev. Jennie Barrington
Did you know that Beatrix Potter, the author and illustrator of the “Peter Rabbit” books, was a Unitarian? She was also a conservationist well ahead of her time. In keeping with Earth Day this week, in this worship service we will learn about Beatrix Potter. ([It’s possible that Candidating Week will begin this Sunday, instead of next week.)


11:00 am
It is likely that this will be the first Sunday of “Candidating Week.” The minister the search committee has chosen will tentatively preach her or his first sermon this Sunday. Come One, Come All! This will be a milestone occasion not to be missed.