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11:00 am
Curiosity Rev. Jennie Barrington
Some have called curiosity “the fuel of human
development” and even the singular thing that has saved the human race. Curiosity increases our skills, confidence, self-esteem, and sense of pleasure and security in life. At its best, our congregation should nurture the curiosity of people of all ages. This sermon will include stories of curious individuals who advanced society, including the UU scientist Joseph Priestley. Choir Sunday

Social Consequences of Fear - Part 2
Jeff Nash


9:30 am
Drumming Circle
11:00 am

The Work of Our Hands Rev. Jennie Barrington
This worship service will focus on the worthy social
action work UUCLR is already doing (including the “Socks Tree” and the “Christmas Caravan”) and explore what social justice efforts you would like to see UUCLR support. With special messages of thanks and cheer from the Endowment Committee

Share the Plate (TBA)


11:00 am
Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Rev. Jennie Barrington
Charles Dickens was both a Unitarian and a Universalist. And his love for children, and advocacy for their welfare, were paramount. In this sermon and worship service, we will hear passages from this perennial favorite holiday story, and lift up values Dickens professed that still resonate with Unitarian Universalism today. Choir

Last month, Rev.Jennie took part in her Annual UU Ministers’ Study Group. The topic was “Race.” Do you know what the “Doctrine of Discovery” is? Are there ways issues of race have affected your life, both as a “black/white” issue and in a multi-racial, multi-cultural context? This forum will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences.


5:30 pm
Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols
At 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening is Our . Come sing familiar carols and hear readings of comfort and joy, ending with singing “Silent Night” by candlelight out on the deck!



11:00 am
Wassail Service
Come sing together ang celebrate the season. No RE classes will be held and no childcare will be provided.

UU102—Discussion about a story in the UU World
John Adams